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Apple vs Sony PSP

From December 30th



Jackson vs Little Girl

From Mid April 2004

(captured from some other blog)



Dell vs Apple

From October 17, 2004



AMD vs Intel

From October 15, 2004


Sony vs Nintendo

From May 16, 2004:


Google Bugs

So I'm surfing Google News and I come down to one entry for AMD 64 processors, and next to it is an image. That image is of Intel's Pentium 4 processor. To be honest I almost wouldn't have noticed it, except - there are a lot of these flukes. So I'm starting this blog to make a note of some of these google bugs as I (or others) catch them.

I'll keep it simple. A jpeg of the item, possibly a clip on why its a bug. We'll see how it goes. maybe if I get enought I'll get some advertising and move off blogger. Maybe.